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     REKLAMA, POLYGRAF represents the only trade fair in Czech Republic focused on marketing communications that was able to overcome all storms, to stand up to all competitive projects and to attract exhibitors from the Central European Region. It is held regularly and continuously since 1993, when it was introduced for the first time. To achieve such success it was necessary to monitor the market development with care, to listen to companies of the subject field and even to bring forward wide range of interesting actions for visitors.


     The REKLAMA, POLYGRAF Trade Fair has been building the proper market position for many years and we may say today that by the exposition area, number of exhibitors as well as by the supplementary programme attraction it is on top of such similar exhibitions in Europe.

     The Reklama, Polygraf is the only Czech forum where the producers and importers of advertisement requisites and services are presented. The trade fair introduces wide range of specialisations as signmaking, illuminated advertisement, producers and importers of advert materials, machines and equipment for advert production and printing, large scale printers, prepress, graphics and advert software and hardware offer, advert and gift articles, marketing and advertisement services, POP and POS, or specialised media.

     The integral part of the trade fair is the supplementary programme that takes part traditionally in the right wing and shall bring news and information from marketing communication. It is also important to supply information on exhibitor’s number, which is growing from the historical 196 exhibitors (1993) up to preliminary statistics figure for this year that is at 340 companies from 12 countries worldwide. Trade fair area has increased approximately by 400 square meters to 13 800 meters of gross exhibition area. To achieve such success the trade fair promoters have always to follow subject field development and to accommodate offer to the current situation and market demand.

Seven reasons why to visit trade fair REKLAMA, POLYGRAF

1. Meeting of professionals
“Can you imagine a meeting room for about twelve thousand people?“ I can, right such number of clients and professionals you may meet in between twenty-eighth and thirtieth of March.

2. To see the new trends in advertisement production and advert services

For all marketing staff, producers, promotion staff, employers and processors it is important to be acquainted with “limits” and development trends. There is no other place like this allowing to experience personally market survey and to discuss with professionals and company executives. Technology in this field is developing extremely fast and under the daily pressure “to dominate the market” for sure we have to know what we can afford.

3. Professional companies overview

For visitors it is important to find almost all important companies from the branch that are trying to attract you not only by comprehensive offer of their products and services but even by visually attractive expositions any by many other decoys. They keep old, however proven procedure “To see and experience once it means much more than to hear many times”.

4. To go through foreign companies offer

The business trips abroad are time and cost intensive. Here the foreign companies are coming to us and that is tremendous. Their offer is interesting and worthy to study it.

5. Trade fair supplementary programme

Already fifth year we are intensively focused on supplementary programme that serves new ideas, innovations and trend introduction in a field of advertisement, visual and marketing communication. Even this year there are many interesting events starting with the Personality of the Trade Fair award, through Czech public opinions researches, outdoor advertisement, research companies and POP measuring for employers, up to a half-day centred franchising introduction. The focus is even on the Internet communication and that is another topic this year. Another part of the trade fair and its supplementary programme is a presentation and announcement of competitions. There are many interesting events shown in detail on trade fair web pages. .

6. Advertisement brand competition

There are five brand competitions including introduction of the best entered works.

7. Company invitation

Perhaps you have received a warm invitation from some exhibitors, we have granted 35 thousands free tickets for them. We are also inviting public using most of professional media. Altogether 190 300 vouchers for discounted tickets were distributed.


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