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Main          Fresh & Easy at Tesco

U.K. based Tesco recently revealed its plan to brand its U.S. stores, as well as its private label goods, with the logo, Fresh & Easy. The brand, "fresh & easy" is a departure from its strategies in other markets such as Thailand and Malaysia, where it used the Tesco name to build the brand.

According to reports in the Financial Times the logo features shades of green and an apple combined with a clock. The clock face emphasizes convenience, while a green apple stem reinforces its focus on fresh meals and produce to time-pressed consumers. The time indicated on the clock is 4:05 most probably to catch the eye of consumers on their way home from work, looking for items to complete that night's meal. The large, clean, lowercase letters stress simplicity an overall message for the brand.

Tesco also plans to help the environment by building $13 million roof-top solar panels on its distribution center in CA. This plan is part of Tesco’s pledge to set an example worldwide by spending $987 million to cut prices on energy-efficient products and reduce pollution. According to the Daily Telegraph, the plan calls for halving the price of energy-efficient light bulbs at its stores, increasing the amount of biofuels at its gas stations, diminishing its dependence on air freight to less than 1% of products and installing additional wind turbines on the top of stores roofs.


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