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A Point of Purchase Marketing Tool That Increases Uplift

MicroSignage Technology increases sales by triggering consumer decisions and reinforcing brand messages at the store shelf, where purchasing decisions are made. MicroSignage Technology Players can be located anywhere on a retail floor such as under a product, in counter displays, on store shelves, in temporary P-O-P displays or on sales staff. Each unit consists of a 1.6-inch, 128 by 64 OLED (organic light emitting diode) screen and a fully programmable miniature circuit board with one or two megabytes of memory. These displays can be placed right on the edge of a shelf or embedded into another display. They can be easily programmed to provide video, animation, text and still images. Bright and contrasted OLED screens present content that grab consumers attention while animated messages inform and trigger purchasing decisions. MicroSignage Technology solutions also allow for the quick creation of promotional messages and their dynamic management.



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