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The POS material has been created to engage customers within its Eurest business and encapsulate the organic and ethical look of its current drive to promote healthy, ethical food options for employees in blue-chip companies such as BT, O2, Abbey and Ford.

Under the strapline Make a Positive Change, shelf wobblers, shelf barkers, counter cards and leaflets were designed to promote the new offering.  The usual preference for synthetic materials such as plastic, vinyl and laminates, the collateral has been produced on cyclus – one of the very few materials that is 100% recycled.

Angus McGuffin, Compass Group’s Creative Director, said: “We wanted to make this an ethical campaign through and through, which is why we were one of the first companies in the UK to use cyclus, which is 100% recycled, for POS materials. British consumers are increasingly environmentally savvy. We hope that recycled materials will soon be widely used in POS design.”
Compass Group PLC provides food, vending and related services to clients and customers in the workplace, at schools and colleges, hospitals, on the move, at leisure and in defence, offshore and remote locations. Eurest is the largest company within Compass Group UK & Ireland and the market leader in the provision of dedicated catering services to business and industry in the UK & Ireland.

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