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Dynamo has helped develop a New Year promotion to encourage the public to drink one Actimel-a-day throughout January and beyond.

Following a competitive pitch to deliver activity in the first quarter of 2007 for Danone brand Actimel, Dynamo marketing communications agency have helped deveop the campaign which promises consumers their money back.

Dynamo’s brief for the post-Christmas campaign was to deliver a big through-the-line idea that would create customer loyalty and push sales; Dynamo’s winning concept ‘A little every day goes a long, long way’, will be used on pack and carried through to TV, outdoor and trade press advertising.

The promotion, running across 10 million packs, will reward consumers who stick to the month-long commitment by giving them their money back.

Dynamo’s initiative ties in with Actimel’s biggest Q1 marketing support activity to date with over £5 million marketing spend across TV, radio, outdoor and in store activity.

Dynamo’s big through-the-line idea was developed from two insights; the first to distance the campaign from the pain and negative associations of hard-to-stick-to New Year’s resolutions and the other to lock consumers into an ‘Actimel-a-day’ routine, making daily consumption of Actimel part of a healthy eating regime.

The money-back reward will be communicated via the TV campaign (produced by Y & R) radio activity and in tailor-made press ads for Asda’s customer magazine, Cash and Carry and Grocer trade magazines.

Sam Johnson, Dynamo’s senior account director, said: “The traditional promotional theme post-Christmas is the New Year resolution, but we wanted to steer away from that as resolutions are so often associated with failure and negativity. We have gone for a positive concept by encouraging the consumer behaviour we want to see with a substantial reward – their money back.”

Andrew Curran, of Danone, said: “This is a simple idea, neatly delivered. It’s the little things in life that make the difference. Drinking an Actimel a day is a little thing that people can do to help support the body’s natural defences. This is a can-do campaign providing an opportunity for consumers who are in a ‘do-something-positive’ frame of mind to respond.”



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