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The Flackpull is the latest single dose glass container for liquid products. Its main original feature is the aluminium protective colour, which makes it unnecessary to break the glass in order to get the product out. It is sufficient to just remove the protective cover with the lid provided or to pierce it.
Flackpull combines all the advantages of traditional vials and ampoules in order to perfectly adapt to new means of production, marketing and consumption.
The slogan "It's up to you to imagine what product goes with it" is a perfect slogan for the Flackpull, since it's creators, Alma-Sotapharm and Laboratoires Pasquier, have fitted it to various applications: Pharmaceutical, food supplements, dietary, food, chemistry - any liquid product.
The Flackpull is available in 10 ml size, and soon will also be available in sizes from 5 ml to 30 ml.  



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