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Premium brands need premium displays. The relaunch by Bacardi GmbH of its in-store display units gives added power at the POS.

The displays provide all-round access and the focal point of the unit is the base instead of an advertising poster. Every brand in relation to its positioning has its own advertising base to draw attention to the specific product. Both bases can be replenished with goods in a cardboard box (CHEP sizes ¼ and ½) guaranteeing a high level of flexibility. Above all, the base provides customers with easier access to the goods on offer and can also be used as additional storage space. The base becomes the advertising space and draws attention to the brand.

Modularity reduces range of materials

The universal base developed by STI reduces to a minimum the diversity and complexity of 33 different display units. The extra storage inside the base alleviates restocking at the POP. Corrugated cardboard and a paper based shelf support provide not only stability, but are also modular to suit all bottle and base sizes. Hollow frame trays provide products with optimum support and the trays themselves can be branded according to product.

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