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The "Design and Development" company has successfully implemented the project for stand console panels of Ambilight and Aurea televisions produced by Philips.

The MediaMarkt chain has started installing upgraded stands.Manufacturing technology of these upgraded stands gives following advantage: the primary assembly of the stand can be directly performed at the point-of- sale terminal. This technique therefore minimizes a risk of technical disfigurement of conjoins and connections gaps between different parts.

The first phase is the installation of modular framework which is tightly conjoined together in order to minimize possible connection gaps.

The second phase involves the wrapping of the frontal facial panels with sheet plastic.Finally last phase involves cabling and arrangement of the hardware inside the headset stand.

Ambilight can be compared to the surround sound for the eyes, it brings out the expression, emotions and movement beyond the screen, all thanks to interactive and concerted light effects.

The main goal of stands for Ambilight and Aurea TV sets is to express Ambilight effects of unostentatious back illumination from behind of the TV.

This effect can be achieved with white matte surface. However, the surface must be perfectly smooth and seamless, as when illumination is switched on some of the emerging irregularities and defects might become visible.

You can see these stands and evaluate the effect of Ambilight, in MediaMarkt stores all across Russia.









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