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It’s a constant challenge to open and maximise advertising channels which customers respond to.

Markitcarts are far more than just a revolutionary new concept in supermarket trolleys – they’re a whole new concept in communicating with your customers at the hardest and most important place of all to have a voice!

Markitcart's allow advertisers to deliver a powerful advertising message to shoppers - while they are actually making purchasing decisions.

Leading brands invariably forge the way into the future, whether that’s by defining a better way of doing things or adopting an entirely new concept altogether.

Markitcarts are both. They are a unique opportunity for successful brands to be first to unleash the full power of repetitive reach and recall at the most pivotal place of all – the supermarket. They also provide useability Brand positioning and financial benefit over existing trolley fleets.

As a foundation advertiser you will not only be part of the future but part of the momentum during the launch phase of Markitcarts. That means benefiting from all the media activity and consumer interest Markitcart is sure to attract.

Each Markitcart will have the power to grab customers’ attention. With easily interchangeable side-facings, Markitcarts are a perfect vehicle for localised products and promotions – an opportunity to create a larger-than-life presence in selected outlets.

In the ‘move it or lose it’ world of supermarket shelves, Markitcarts also present a powerful opportunity to drive new products or invigorate sales of established brands.

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