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This is an uber-creative use of emerging technology in a retail environment. As this project for LEGO exhibits, linking augmented reality and digital signage opens the door to a plethora of creative opportunities. Whether a child or adult, I don't think a person could pull himself away from the urge to hold each Lego box in front of the screen to see the pieces inside rendered as an interactive 3D image.

With a built-in camera and display screen, the interactive kiosk lets LEGO packaging reveal its contents fully assembled within live 3D animated scenes. Not only does this technology create an unforgettable experience for a store visitor, it is a powerful assisted-selling tool that makes the image on the side of a box come to life. How better to get a customer excited about a product - that is composed of individual pieces - then giving him the ability to hold the potential purchase in his hands and examine it from every angle.

Metaio, the Munich-based software company behind the innovative kiosk, is a pioneer in the area of augmented reality technology. The company launched the world’s first cross media web campaign using augmented reality technology for MINI, which let people experience classic print ads in an entirely new way. Now, the company is helping to re-imagine the in-store experience. Hopefully, you'll encounter this technology in one of the select toy stores and LEGO shops around the world where the kiosks will be deployed.













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