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POPAI CE completed a research project with the representatives of important retail chains in the Czech Republic in 2005 and 2008.

The opinions of retail business representatives on the possibility and suitability of the use of various types of in-store communication tools are of a primary lead, especially for suppliers of brand products when planning these objects as a part of new communication campaigns.

This research showed how retail representatives evaluate individual types of in-store communication objects, and it brought more perception for optimal usage and placement of POP at points of sale. As a part of the research, a degree of acceptance of basic media on support of sales, such as floor and stand displays, POP tools at cash desks, wall POP displays, window graphics, banners, electronic and interactive media, was evaluated.

In 2005, representatives of the chains Ahold, Delvita, Tesco, Spar, Globus and Carrefour contributed their answers to a questionnaire.
In 2008 POPAI CE asked representatives of retail chains for their evaluation of individual types of in-store communication again. Representatives of main retail businesses, such as Globus, Tesco, Spar, Ahold, Coop Terno, Makro took part in the questionnaire.
The goal of the project was to contribute to improving communication among suppliers of brand products and retail businesses.

It is clear from the results that promostands, regal heads, pallet islands and decorations, plasma screens and terminals (electronic and interactive media), floor graphics and A-displays received the best evaluation.

In comparison with the evaluation in 2005, the results of the 2008 questionnaire show that the evaluation of in-store communication tools has improved, especially in the category of floor POP , wall POP tools (poster frames, posters, light advertisements). Banners, electronic and interactive media, and window graphics were better evaluated compared to 2005.

Recommendation to suppliers of brand products for the successful implementation of POP tools

Representatives of retail businesses recommended visually co-ordinating POP objects with TV advertising and agreed leaflet promotion, and better synchronising POP communication in time.
Based on retail businesspeople, it is also important to develop closer co-operation with sales people, and to consult whether the provided materials are suitable for the shops in question.
For efficient application of in-store tools is important to focus on ensuring the value added to the customer through POP, and also guaranteeing correspondence with communication of the chain, respecting the image of the businessperson.
Originality and effort to differentiate play an important role in the success of POP project.
The rule “less is sometimes more”, simplicity and clarity are other aspects specified as important to increase the success of POP in retail.





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