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Many already know it and set it for years already successfully - fragrance marketing. Whether in saunas, spas, wellness areas - there is always an asset to the ambience and the feel-good factor. Entrepreneurial goals such as more sales (up to 6%) and increasing the dwell time (up to 15%), this can be achieved.
New on the market - offers a scent-luminescent display an excellent way visual and olfactory stimuli to combine. Beduftung can now discreetly at strategic points and optimal place. Directly to customers, in the middle of the race routes. Where information is now again be exercised immediately and have the greatest impact.
Investigations have revealed that visual olfactory stimuli combined with pulses up to 50% higher memory value! So the best combination of promotional statements or even our own programs to customers in a pleasant way to present.
Another advantage of the fragrance Glow displays: it is the first Beduftungsgerät with the money can be earned. The information or advertising space can continue to rent and bring additional revenue. Ease of use, faster and easier exchange of information. Panoramic view an optimal marketing tool for commercial use.








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