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The Janus Business Award, mark of creativity and innovation in customer service, is the reward for an ambitious, innovative program which re-invents the products offered on Hygiene and Beauty store shelves. Presented by the French Institute of Design at a ceremony this award is based on five specific criteria: Ergonomics, Esthetics, Ethics and Emotion. The jury of the Janus Business Award has, through this award, established the Beiersdorf project for its will to re-energize a Hygiene Beauty market experiencing difficulties in Large and Average Sales Outlets, as well as for the variety of solutions contributed (esthetic improvements, faster purchases, customer consultations, etc.). In 2006 Beiersdorf is the only representative of the large and average sales outlet industry represented in this category amongst the award winners of the Janus Business Award.
Very encouraging results in advertising spaces

The establishment of the “Magasin Vitrine” at Auchan Cesson (77) has provided a super result for sales returns in hygiene and beauty for the store. An expansion due among other things to the good results of Soins du Visage (Facial Care) and even more to those of l’Univers Homme (Male World), which have benefited fully by the impact of advertisement at the point of sale situated at the sales outlet.

The consumer is satisfied by this new linear concept which helps customers to find the products, prompts discovery and reinforces the quality and pleasure of purchasing. Placed at 190 points of sale, the “Podiums” have also succeeded in realizing the aims that Beiersdorf had decided on beforehand. Thus NIVEA, thanks to its innovative, adaptable approach, has enabled the stores furnished with these new advertising spaces to increase in value with regard to sales. Approved by trade names such as Auchan, Carrefour and Leclerc, this program has also contributed to developing a qualitative image from the sales point of view with regard to customers.

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