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Deutsche Werbe- & Wassertechnologien GmbH (DWT) designs and manufactures innovative fresh water dispensing systems, combined with information and communication technologies. Working closely with partners like GEMTEC GmbH, Friedhelm Selbach GmbH, AOpen, SiteKiosk and Star Micronics, DWT has developed a unique kiosk terminal. The AquaMedia Tower comprises a water dispenser, interactive info-terminal and a large 'digital screen' for multimedia advertising and digital signage.

The AquaMedia Tower combines customer service and multimedia marketing at the point of sale/point of information (POS/POI) in a single unit, thus providing fresh drinking water and interactive information at the same time. The free refreshment service attracts customers, who can spend anything up to 90 seconds in front of the dispenser. It also provides a meeting point in offices and an 'oasis' in department stores, at exhibitions or airports. The AquaMedia Tower offers up to 50% more customer contact than other terminals and is ideal for foyers, lobbies, central information points in shopping centres, fairs, Internet cafés, car showrooms and chemists.

The terminal comes in two different models with power and Internet connections and steel plate casings. The ‘point of use’ model (POU) has a permanent water connection while the 'mobile' model can hold up to 18.9 litres of water. Both models come in a ‘standard’ version and a ‘business’ version. The ‘standard’ version has a DVD player for playing videos while the ‘business’ version comes with a PC including operating system/software and DSL interface, a 17" touchscreen display and speakers. Options available with the ‘business’ terminal include stainless steel casing, keyboard, terminal software, thermal receipt printer, webcam, card reader and a digital screen measuring 32", 42" or 47".

Retailers located in the shopping centre as well as local companies use the terminal to advertise. The Centre's management also uses the terminal to announce upcoming events, opening times and special offers. By entering a personalised login, visitors can print out coupons and other incentives such as discounts, prizes etc. at the kiosk terminal via the TSP100 futurePRNT printer. These can then be redeemed at the appropriate retailer in the shopping centre or at a local company.


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