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Red Bull has teamed with Filmaka, a global platform created by Hollywood executives as a place where undiscovered filmmakers can showcase their talent, to sponsor a six-week competition that will result in short films the energy drink maker will seek to distribute -- and potentially combine with its own content. The series, "X13: The Red Bull Theme Park," has 13 competition subjects, leading off with Vibrations. The request is for bold, creative interpretations -- anything from animation to action sports to still images. "They want a roller coaster of visuals and provocative storytelling," said Jason Haikara, head of marketing and publicity at Filmaka. This is the second advertiser that has partnered with Filmaka -- the first was SAB Miller. The main difference, said Haikara, is Red Bull's endeavors are meant to be entertainment, while the Miller content may be used for advertising. Haikara stressed that Red Bull would not seek product placements in the shorts. "It is content that is connected to the brand," he said. 


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