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Window Clings are about to loose their grip on the in-store window display market with the launch of a new environmentally friendly electrostatic alternative that likes being pushed around rather than being peeled off.

For years clear adhesive backed window clings have been a first choice for store window displays and advertising messages – first choice for everyone except those that have to put them up. Bubbling, peeling at corners and difficulties in putting them on straight have always been a down side to their specification.

But now creative PoS manufacturer, PrintCentre Solutions Limited, has launched “Statics” - an ECO friendly new material that can be litho, flexo, and screen or digitally printed in the same way as conventional window clings only they adhere like magnets without glue.

Statics are a clear or white backed film with an embedded electrostatic charge. They can be cut to any shape or size and are supplied on a protective backing sheet which is easily peel-able unlike conventional window clings that require sharp fingernails as well as a sharp eye.

The company’s Estonian based parent company, PrintCentre Eesti AS, has been using the new technology in place of adhesive based alternatives throughout Scandinavia where the search for ECO friendly products is always of paramount importance. The launch of its UK based operation in February this year signalled the start of a number of similar environmentally friendly alternatives to common place PoS materials being made available in the UK.

Developed in Finland, “Statics” are made of polypropylene with a permanent electric charge inside the film. However, it is not coated with any metallic layers and in the extrusion process the structure of the film is injected with “gas blisters” giving an electric charge inside the film. This electric charging of the gas blisters creates a permanent electric field and therefore adhesion.

Previous attempts at creating this material had resulted in a product with a short adherence life making it unsuitable for point of sale displays. New technology has overcome these negatives and produced a material that does what is required.

The electric field contained in “Statics” enables them to be stuck to most surfaces including walls, wood and stone as well as glass. Previous technology was based on a charge given only to the surface of the film. This lacked major features of the new material – higher level of magnetism as the adhesive charge is four times stronger and they can now be printed using traditional POS printing processes.

PrintCentre Solutions launched the product as last month’s (May) In Store 2008 Show at Earls Court, London where it received considerable interest.

“There were a number of jaw dropping moments when we demonstrated the Statics because they look exactly like window clings until you start moving them around the glass,” explained Simon Rigby, Director, UK Operations.













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