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STI London creates World Wide hype with Mamma Mia Theatrical Standee

After the success of the smash hit musical, Universal Pictures is turning Mamma Mia into the summer movie of 2008. STI’s London office embarked in a joint venture with London-based Creative Partnership to promote this summer’s release in cinemas with a theatrical unit which stands a towering 3 metres tall.

Sound box playing "Mamma Mia"

The units presence is further enhanced by the addition of a sound box playing a 30 second clip of Abba’s “Mamma Mia”, which is activated by an infrared motion detector as people walk past. The audio element and sheer size of the unit really bring the display to life and raises awareness of the title at cinemas.

Delivered to 63 countries worldwide

This project is all the more impressive given the logistics involved. Over 2000 units were produced in Neutraubling, Germany as this was the ideal location for manufacturing, print and distribution. The finished units which were then delivered to 63 countries worldwide, as far as Kenya, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Eleven language versions had to be printed to the title treatment and billing block. The unit was made up of 33 individual parts, some of which are joined together for ease of assembly. There were eleven printed 4-colour litho laminated sheets and two additional printed 4-colour litho laminated sheets with the language variants on. In total there were 65 plates to make for the printing press!

Optimized shipping size

The unit folded down to a transit size of 1400mm x 1550mm x 190mm for ease of road and airfreight shipping from Neutraubling. Following on from this successful project, STI London have a second order now well underway for a Mamma Mia conga line standee, measuring 2m x 3m to support this release in cinema foyers across the world.




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