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ImpulsTV: The new medium impulsTV integrated TV, radio, posters, information panel, Internet and database and a special sensors, with which it is to changing situations on the ground can respond. The result is a new, groundbreaking speech principle, the efficiency, effectiveness and individuality is hard to surpass.

ImpulsTV brings new opportunities for advertising, information and consumer research

ImpulsTV addresses the shopper via large screens at the POS within large retail stores. A unique feature is the linking between advertising impulses and the actual sales.

The media protocols date, time, location and the content title of each generated contact and controls the playback of the content on the basis of predefined parameters like campaign period, consumer frequency or even local temperatures. The linking between consumer contacts and the sales data gives an exact feedback about the advertisement efficiency and shopping behaviour of the consumer. High-level analyses for the purpose of consumer research are generated automatically for the first time.













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