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Product sampling tops the list as the most influential of in-store media options, followed by reading product labels and shelf coupons, according to research from BIGresearch.

Some 52.4 percent of adults 18 and older said they were either “influenced” or “greatly influenced” by in-store product sampling, compared to 43.2 percent who cited product labels and 39.5 percent for shelf coupons.

Following the top three, the most influential in-store media are:

Special Displays - 35.5 percent
Store Loyalty/Card - 33.1 percent
Coupon on Register Tape - 28.4 percent
In-Store Events/Contests - 28.1 percent
Parking Lot/Sidewalk Events - 18.2 percent
Floor Graphics - 2.5 percent
In-Store TV - 10.9 percent
In-Store Radio - 7.5 percent

However, the figures differ when analyzed by BIGresearch’s Media Consumption Clusters, which categorize consumers into eight unique clusters using media behavior only. For instance, when it comes to independents, who want to make informed choices, 42.6 percent were influenced by product samples. But for active explorers, promotionally oriented coupon clippers, 66.3 percent were influenced by product samples.









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