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Creating an attractive and selling in-store environment that strengthens the consumer’s shopping experience.

Hero Shelf™ is a modular shelf branding system that offers great flexibility and customisation possibilities when it comes to highlighting and visualising the offer.

A split second. This is the time the consumers eye will rest on a particular fixture in mass market retailing. It is no secret that new product introductions need to stand out in order to avoid being lost in the ever increasing offer put to the consumer. In the end – a product will certainly live (and sometimes die) on its merits. But in its introduction phase, both above and below the line advertising is vital to obtain – and maintain – listings.

While HeroShelf™ retains the benefits of existing branding solutions from HL Display, its true value lies in its flexibility and ease of installation. Coupled with optional brand dividers – suppliers can build an attractive solution combining price, segment and campaign information in an integrated system.

HeroShelf™ highlights the colour of the brand, even when on-shelf stock is low at the end of trading hours. Taking into account a rapidly changing retail environment - HeroShelf™ allows the use of both paper and electronic labels.

With its curved shelf edge and optional front riser – HeroShelf™ is certain to provide the necessary impact for a successful product launch.










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