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A lenticular packaging breakthrough

Made entirely from lenticular lens material, a new 3D/Motion cups feature the incredible 3D depth and image vibrancy. Plus, since it is a single-material design, it's 100% recyclable.

Out with the OLD

Until now, lenticular cups started with a lenticular graphic made of a very thin material wrapped around injection-molded cup bodies. This old-fashioned style of lenticular cup is known as an In-Mold Label (IML) style. For years customers who wanted a Lenticular beverage cup has to suffer the drawbacks of this style: slow delivery, poor effects, dull color. Even worse, since all IML cups are Recycle Code 7 (mixed plastic), they are impossible to recycle. In to the landfill they go--every single one.

In with the BOLD

Incredible graphics quality. Real lenticular effects. Environmentally-friendly and 100% recyclable. An exciting new marketing, promotion and advertising vehicle from THE lenticular experts!


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