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     Like many of the people involved in the promotions industry, promotional products have to be versatile. They need to be relevant to the brand, user-friendly, useful (nothing ever created brand awareness stuck in the back of a drawer!) and now they may also have to be environmentally friendly too, depending on the client’s ethical policies.    
     Bio Poncho™, created and developed by Tomato Source, ticks all these boxes. The Bio Poncho™ is a biodegradable rain poncho made from 100% organic matter, which is 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. It also provides excellent brand awareness on the wide printable area and is perfect for outdoor events.    
     It’s light, easy to carry and packs down into a small outer bag that’s made from the same biodegradable material. Bio PonchoTM can be supplied either printed with your own brand/company logo, or as plain, unprinted stock.Emma Beeson, Director of Sourcing Company Tomato Source Ltd., says, “Making ponchos biodegradable is one way to try to ease the task of waste reduction and it doesn’t need to affect the benefits that we are all used to with the traditional plastic poncho.”








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