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The Detachable Holo Screen is an ultra-thin film version of the Holo Screen, which can be attached and re-attached to shop windows and other glass surfaces. The Detachable Holo Screen can be reused up to 100 times at different locations! The Detachable Holo Screen transforms shop windows to state-of-the-art dynamic displays. The result is a bright and crisp holographic image, which appears to be projected directly on the window. Ans by using the window to support the ultra-thin holographic film, the screen takes up no exhibition space.

The Detachable Holo Screen allows decorators and interior designers to integrate moving images into their window exhibitions. It transforms the passive glass surface into an active eye-catching media that draws more attention to the shop.

Powered by a projector, which can be hidden in the ceiling or placed at floor level, the transparent screen displays any combination of DVD, Video, TV and computer graphics.



The Detachable Holo Screen offers specifications identical to those of the dnp Holo Screen. It features an advanced holographic film that displays images rear projected from 30o - 35o. Alle other light from internal and external light sources is ignored. The result is remarkably bright and sharp images - even in brightly-lit environments.

  • Ultra thin holographic film for window displays

  • Can be affixed directly on shop windows

  • Re-attachable up to 100 times

  • Soft, Flexible and easy to transport

  • Complete mounting/ remounting kit

  • Supplied in practical transportation box

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