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Almost half of all shoppers (48 per cent) fail to remain loyal to a favourite brand if a competitor is running a promotion, according to a new survey. A further 24 per cent were unsure whether they would purchase a preferred brand when presented with rival offers, suggesting they may consider swapping if the offer was enticing enough. Only 28 per cent said they would remain loyal to a brand in the face of a promotion. The social grouping with the most disposable income, ABC1, is the most likely to shop around (53 per cent) for a bargain. The survey of more than 1,000 shoppers was carried out by market research group TNS on behalf of business intelligence and performance management solutions provider Cognos. “This research is a wake-up call for retailers,” said Patricia Vekich Waldron, global retail industry director at Cognos. “More than ever, the 21st century shopping experience is being driven by the consumer. Customers have so much choice at their fingertips, and the culture has clearly shifted to looking for the best deal available rather than maintaining brand loyalty.”  The survey also revealed that “buy one get one free” (BOGOF) remains the nation’s preferred special offer, with 77 per cent of shoppers naming it is as their favourite. This price deal was preferred by 81 per cent of women compared to 74 per cent of men. “BOGOF may be the most popular with shoppers across all age ranges, but it is not commercially viable across all products, and may not build long-term loyalty,” Vekich Waldron added.


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