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January 30th-31st, 2008
London Novotel West, Hammersmith, London

In an era where fair trade, healthy living, obesity, climate change and equal opportunities are daily headlines; the pressure is mounting on retailers to become responsible businesses.

Consumers are increasingly basing their purchasing decisions on how well third world manufacturers are treated, how organic ingredients are, how small a retailer’s carbon footprint is and how they can contribute to society at large. 

The smart retailers know that if they get their strategy right; a responsible retailer is a more profitable retailer. But where should you place your efforts; how can you engage and communicate this to your customers and staff and what are the best responsible strategies that will deliver your company enhanced brand value and increased profits?

Further to a period of in depth research with target delegates, this event focuses on how UK retail executives can develop corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies that will boost profits, reduce costs, increase market share and enhance their retail brands. 

This interactive summit has been designed to allow UK retail executives and solution providers to network and discuss best practices of CSR. 

This two day action-packed event focuses purely on the key CSR issues facing UK’s retail executives. 


More info here: www.retailbulletinconferences.com



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