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The Spanish confectionery company Delaviuda will advertise its chocolate range before Christmas with a strong media campaign, increasing its campaign budget by 30%. The company will also enlarge its product range with a selection of chocolate coated nuts in several varieties. Delaviuda will also offer, only during the Christmas time, its classic marzipan presented in a 250gr bag.

In order to maintain the growth of its chocolate sales, Delaviuda has launched a series of point-of-sale displays. Distributors will be able to choose from a broad range of options in order to improve the product presentation and management in the point of sale: display boxes, small displays for supermarkets, displays in ¼ pallet, as well as metal displays for the whole range of chocolates.

Delaviuda is also offering its main Christmas products in ¼ pallet displays, which help to decorate the Christmas products store department. The traditional soft and hard “turrón” (Spanish nougat candy), marzipan and panettone will be presented in this kind of display.


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