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     Amcor PushPop, the easy-open and fun-shaped flexible pack from Amcor Flexibles, has been chosen by Kidsnax to launch a range of fruit snacks under the Nickelodeon brand. There are four varieties available in the range; Energy Boost, Amazin’ Apricots, Fruit Salad & Ravin’ Raisins.
     The innovative, vertical form fill seal, Amcor PushPop pack (Pat.App.2421013) has a novel easy open system and is ideal for a wide range of products consumed directly from the pack. The easy open system is created during AF conversion and allows the consumer to push and pop open the pack through the centre of the top side gusset. The bowl shaped free standing pack thus created has a conveniently wide opening which gives full accessibility to the product packed inside. The pack is ideal either for single use or for re-close with the application of a pressure sensitive adhesive coated label.
     The ‘Nickelodeon’ packs are made by Amcor Flexibles in the UK. The packs have been printed and laminated at AF S&R, using PE supplied by AF Extrusion. Application of the ‘Fancy Slit’ easy-open system was also carried-out at AF S&R, assisted by Amcor Flexibles’ UK Development Team.



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