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Borealis, a leading provider of innovative value creating plastics solutions, has designed a unique polypropylene (PP) grade, RE450MO, to produce caps for bottled water, as well as sports and energy drinks. This new solution supports the beverage industry’s ambitions to create ever-more sophisticated and differentiated user-friendly closures. RE450MO retains the natural taste of the liquid inside while delivering design possibilities not previously available with existing polyethylene (PE) or PP caps.

RE450MO is a new solution based on Borealis’ unique Borstar® technology. This proprietary Borealis technology allows the tailoring of molecules to fit the needs of the value chain by combining good mechanical properties with good processability. The strength, flexibility, easy integration of colouring and organoleptic properties of the new grade, provide product differentiation and recognition for brand owners and attractive, safe, user-friendly packaging for consumers.

The material does not contain additives that could taint the natural taste or odour of the bottled product. Retaining the natural taste and odour of a bottled liquid is a top priority. Until recently, the organoleptic properties of PE have made it the only option for unlined caps used for taste sensitive drinks such as water. RE450MO contains ultra-low levels of volatile organic compound (VOC), giving the material high purity. Tests have shown that it fully matches the excellent taste and odour properties of standard PE grades commonly used for beverage caps.

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