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Named the Q+, Bartuf's cost effective new product is a first on the market as it offers retailers the ability to effectively manage in-store queues in a much more profitable way than has previously been possible.

Bartuf's Q+ takes on a similar design to traditional queue management systems using two end posts and vertical middle panels to create 'gates' that can be positioned to direct queues in an orderly fashion towards pay points. It's superior design comes from using moveable slats rather than a solid mid section, enabling retailers to merchandise 'through' the product as well as using both sides and each end for retail display – resulting in more sales enhancing display options than any other system available.

The end product is a flexible, available, easy to install system that massively increases impulse sales opportunities for retailers. The Q+ essentially adds display space where space is limited and becomes a fundamental part of any store layout – making a positive situation out of a potentially negative queuing experience.

Bartuf's stylish, new product has already seen significant interest from blue chip organisations such as Moto - which has invested in positioning the system in its cutting edge Toddington store.

Steve Davenport, Managing Director at Bartuf, said: “Our Q+ is massive news for the convenience and retail markets because it offers something that has been previously unachievable. The product is guaranteed, environmentally friendly and features accessories that are compatible with existing systems on the market. It provides brand communication opportunities to the manufacturers of core convenience ranges which provide retailers with a revenue making avenue and is set to take the market by storm!”

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