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Main    About BTL Europe   

      The legend about BTL (below-the-line) origin is as following. In the middle of previous century one of the big and famous company's manager «Procter & Gamble» made up the estimate of would-be expenditures for marketing purposes. He included standard elements such as advertisement in papers and magazines, TV and radio, PR, new package creation etc. He counted the expenses, underlined the above-written figures but suddenly remembered that he had not included the distribution of free product samples, POS, expenditures for city feast organization where people could try the products produced by his company. Having counted all extra expenses, he made up the final estimate. So thus the BTL term appeared, that is to say everything located below the line.

                                                                               OUR MISSION

     BTL Europe considers its first objective to be the consolidation of specialists engaged in BTL services supply. The key points is the development and strengthening of European advertising market, acquaintance and international communication of companies belonging to this project, energetic co-operation and experience exchange, research activity and practical application of findings for a better way of knowledge and skills perfection of companies' representatives.
    Our goal is the increase of professional standards and knowledge of BTL industry, the development of international relations and professional interests, the creation of European global network and data bank, the advertising business support, the participation in different events and the promotion of BTL Europe project members.

                                                                   ABOUT US
     BTL-EUROPE.COM is the internet resource serving companies engaged in below-the-line industry. The project was created to enhance the work of BTL service suppliers and customers through networking cooperation, trade publications and All-European professional experience. We believe this launcher will raise standards of below-the-line industry and promote ad market players. BTL Europe is creating a strong base for better views, confidence, fair relations and pure reputation. A rich image gallery and glossary of terms, companies’ portfolios and private rooms, latest news and articles are all at your disposal.

                                                            ADVERTISE WITH US
      You can place your ad or create personal directory to let users know more about your company and services you render. It is a gold chance to write about products you sell or manufacture, to place images of your best products and artworks, successful advertising campaigns and sales promotion events, results of your researches and tell people about your company and human or production resources you possess, publish news and announcements, replenish image gallery with products you expose to mention just a few.
        Your company or regional office will represent a country you belong to. Trends that you cover will be presented in special sectors such as “P.O.S. materials”, “Full BTL service”, “Sales promotion”, “Print” or “Design”. You are free to choose the one your company’s profile corresponds to. News you send us will be available both inside your country’s page and the main BTL Europe webpage.
        Besides you can place static or flash-animated banners on this website. They do not disappear when you go on further to another page, thus the user is able to visualize them every single minute he is here.