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Package insert

Promotional offer packed inside a product package.


Refers to the available range of colors. Also: a board upon which an artist mixes paints, to achieve color ranges.

Pallet display

An entire pallet-load of goods, packed together with point-of-sale material, intended to become a giant display, simply by fork-lifting into place and removing the protective wrapping.



A small flag of rectangular or triangular form with a thin cord handle. In some cases it is used with a prop. It is sometimes of gift and souvenir character.


Peninsula display

A retail display "shop-able" from three sides.

Permanent Display

A display with an expected life of 6+ months.

Phantom shopper

Undercover person who poses as a shopper, to test the acumen or performance of retail staff.



A trade name for a brand of acrylic sheeting, often used as a generic term for acrylic.


Point of Sale (POS) / Point of Purchase (POP)

The place where the product sale is made.


Point of Sale Materials (POSM)

All items specifically produced to promote products and services in store. They are frequently in synergy with an integrated marketing communication plan, making a connection between the customer, the product and the brand message.


Point-of-sale advertising

In-store advertising designed to sell more and different products to shoppers once they are in the store. The term applies to a store's internal sign system, as well as special displays and dispensers created by and for specific product manufacturers. Even the placement of items for sale -- such as having candy at children's eye level or snacks across from the video display is considered a part of point-of-sale advertising. Also known as Point-of-purchase advertising.

Pole Display

A display mounted on a pole.

Pole Sign

A free-standing sign, usually double-faced, mounted on a round pole, square tube or other fabricated member without any type of secondary support.


Pole Topper

The part of a pole display that carries the advertising message.

Pop-Up ( 1 )

A display where the display or portion of it is moves up automatically as it is opened.


Pop-up ( 2)

A brochure or advertisement specially constructed so that a portion rises into view when opened. Also, a point-of-sale display piece that virtually automatically assembles when unpacked.


Pop-up coupon

A coupon stitched into the binding of a magazine, so that it "pops up" when readers leaf through the book.

Portable sign

A freestanding, on-premise sign which is not designed to be permanently affixed to a base.


Any large sign on paper or cloth, intended to attract consumer attention.


Advertisements of varying sizes printed on paper.

Power wings (sidekicks)

Vertical branded cardboard or plastic stripes that confine the store shelf from 2 sides.



A display designed to be packed with merchandise by the advertiser and shipped as a unit.


Predatory pricing

Retailer-featured prices, so low as to intentionally drive competition out of business.

Private label

Packaged goods product, similar to a nationally advertised brand, but contract produced by retailer or wholesaler and labeled accordingly.


Product placement

A technique for creating awareness and exposure for branded products by arranging for their on-screen exposure in motion pictures or TV programs.


Product Spotter

Small shelf sign or device designed to call attention to a particular product or brand that might otherwise be missed.


Promotion (sales promotion)

1. Any marketing communication containing a reward, either economic or experiential, which motivates a specific action by a specific audience, during a defined time period;
2. Marketing activities that support advertising, or are used in lieu of it, to encourage purchase of product or service, and/ or achieve retail availability/visibility.


Any free-standing sign that is not a pole or ground sign.