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Sales POP with Point of Purchase Displays

Ask a real estate agent what the single most important factor is in selling a home, and most will likely give you the time honored adage of their industry: location, location, location. And the same goes for the retail industry. Beyond the physical location of the store, the location and display of products within it can have a very critical impact on their success.

Nowhere is location more critical than at the point of purchase (POP) displays around your checkout counter. This is where last minute decisions are made, and successful POP management can mean considerable revenue for a retail store. Point of purchase displays are absolutely essential to the success of some products. An item that may not do well in the aisles can sometimes find a second life in the POP environment.”

Everyone falls victim to the impulse buy from time to time- probably more than we would like to admit. Which means it’s critical to constantly monitor and manage your point of purchase display. Retailers should not limit themselves to the standard bubble gum and horoscope books that most stores display by default. Walk through the store and look at products with a critical eye to determine their POP potential.

It’s important to look at POP displays like a customer would. Product by product, ask yourself if this is something that would appeal to them with a POP presentation, or is it just taking up space that could be better filled with a different product?

Here are a few tips for making the best use of Point of Purchase displays:

Remember what Most Forget:

There are some items that get forgotten in a lot of trips to the store. Personal hygiene products like soap, razors and deodorant are perfect examples. Use a POP display to remind customers that they need those hard-to-remember products, will likely lead to a spike in sales of them.

‘Tis Always the Season:

Think seasonal merchandise all year long. There’s gloves in the winter time, and visors and can coolers in the summer. There’s themed candy at Easter and Halloween, and greeting cards for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Seasonal merchandise is often an impulse buy, so keep it in mind when stocking a point of purchase display.

Change is Good:

Not sure which products will reach out to customers in a POP display? Try a variety! Mix it up, and keep close tabs on what works and what doesn’t. Just because everyone else other store in town stocks their POP displays with the same items, doesn’t mean you have to (or even should)! Find your own secret to success with variety.

By Christopher Weis