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Convenience Store Supply Helps Retailers Deliver on Promise

Convenience stores by nature have a singular brand promise: convenience. But in a fast-paced retail environment, the busiest of stores struggle to live up to that commitment. Some retailers are taking a step back and discovering opportunities to improve on convenience by rethinking their supply and fixture layout.

They’re recognizing opportunities to improve flow and better address their customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. If a store is properly staffed for its typical daily traffic, there should be no reason for lines and congestion. Convenience store managers need to realize the importance of efficient design in delivering on the promise of the industry.

Store layout plays a big role in improving efficiency and convenience. It demands a customer-centric approach that allows managers to view the store as a customer would. By seeing the company the same way customers do, retailers have the necessary perspective to identify opportunities and make changes. Convenience store retailers should consider the most popular products, and then determine how easy or how difficult they are to get to.

Also, consider products that are often purchased together and how closely they are positioned within the store. If the store’s premade sandwiches are popular with regular customers, move them closer to the front in a portable display fridge that puts them in front of customers and makes them easier to get to. If it’s a popular destination for cross-country travelers, make the automotive supplies such as antifreeze, motor oil and air fresheners easy to find and get to. By making things easier on customers, retailers keep them moving and keep everybody happy. Retailers should also be sure to maintain a logical flow between the entrance, the products and the register.

Look for subtle hiccups in aisle flow and identify a way to overcome them. If there’s a display case that was placed as an after thought, it may be getting in the way or blocking some other popular merchandise. While congestion is a big problem in a store that promises convenience, fixing the issue may only require a series of small changes that keep busy customers on the move.

By Christopher Weis